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A qiki is the experience of a question answered quickly.

A good qiki:

  1. gives answers in seconds (or great clues)
  2. takes years to make (or minutes)
  3. is available to everyone (or just you)
  4. can be built (or built upon) by anyone with insight
  5. looks like one long horizontal line of stuff
  6. feels like total recall
  7. uses no JavaScript (until you click)
  8. uses HTML limited to: <span style class id title lang> and <a href name>
  9. uses any special characters, so &hearts; looks like ♥
  10. uses any CSS (including background-image - wink)
  11. uses tool tips (stuff shows up when you hover with the mouse)
  12. uses auto expanders — a scrollbar is a sign of incomplete design
stein at visibone dot com

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jquery/data But warn that it doesn't go the other way. Setting via .data() doesn't show up in .attr('data')  (by Bob, Feb 2016)
php/htmlspecial what I said about php/htmlentities  (by Bob, Feb 2014)
analytics/piechart I don't know what should go here, but I am sure Jay Patel does.  (by Bob, Sep 2013)
php/htmlspecial More dumb words...  (by Bob, Aug 2013)
php/htmlspecial An inane comment to see if they work.  (by Bob, Aug 2013)
php/sprintf/%u Unsigned integer `assert("It's 42" == sprintf("It's %u", 40+2));`  (by Bob, Aug 2013)
php/htmlspecial (obligatory phoenix remark)  (by Bob, Aug 2013)
php/htmlspecial (obligatory phoenix remark)  (by Bob, Aug 2013)
php/htmlspecial Nothing in particular...  (by Guest, Aug 2013)
javascript/include Nope. Alternatives (1) javascript/ajax + javascript/eval (2) html/script/src (3) jquery/getScript Thanks http://stackoverflow.com/a/950146/673991  (by Guest, Aug 2013)
javascript/undefined Best way to test: ("someGlobalVariable" in window) See javascript/in Thanks http://stackoverflow.com/a/3390426/673991  (by Guest, Aug 2013)
jquery/data html`<span id='foo' data-bar='9'></span>` js`assert(9 === $('#foo').data('bar'));`  (by Guest, Aug 2013)
php/htmlspecial Just making sure comments still work. Here's a qikilink apache/ErrorDocument  (by Guest, Aug 2013)
html/character/dash HTML codes for dashes: &mdash; &ndash; &#45;  (by Guest, Aug 2013)
javascript/error Or F12 in Internet Explorer, thanks http://stackoverflow.com/a/2656884/673991  (by Guest, Aug 2013)
jquery/parent Deceptively named. Functions more like "ancestors" returning parent, parent's parent, etc. More useful: qiki/jquery/closest  (by Guest, Aug 2013)
jquery/parent Rats, now I really want that edit-comment feature. I meant jquery/closest  (by Guest, Aug 2013)
php/htmlspecial Wishful clicking.  (by Bob, Aug 2013)
php/htmlentities assert(" &quot; &amp; &lt; &gt; &copy; &euro; &eacute; " == htmlspecialchars(' " & < > © € é ')); // see also php/htmlspecialchars  (by Bob, Aug 2013)
php/htmlspecialchars assert(" &quot; &amp; &lt; &gt; " == htmlspecialchars(' " & < > ')); // see also php/htmlentities  (by Bob, Aug 2013)
human/Bob Stein, VisiBone About me. http://visibone.com http://bobste.in http://visibone.blogspot.com  (by Bob, Aug 2013)
jqueryui/trouble/nothing happens check: CSS is linked, no JavaScript errors, javascript/error  (by Bob, Aug 2013)
javascript/error try: Ctrl-Shift-J to see JavaScript error messages, javascript/error/[error_message_search]  (by Bob, Aug 2013)
php/include Tip: code:"@(include('/foo')) OR die ('bar');" thanks:"http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.include.php#39043"  (by Bob, Aug 2013)
jquery/closest html`<div><p><span><img /></span></p></div>` js`assert($('img').closest().is($('span'))); assert($('img').closest('p').is($('p')));`  (by Bob, Aug 2013)
php/+ Hey the plus sign does work in a URL, wow that defies http://stackoverflow.com/a/11410650/673991 and http://stackoverflow.com/a/15385884/673991 Yay.  (by Bob, Aug 2013)
php/plus Adding and stuff goes here, right?  (by Bob, Aug 2013)
php/htmlspecial This entry gets all kinds of picked on.  (by Bob, Aug 2013)
php/htmlspecial It's a junkyard. A sandbox. Something should be done.  (by Bob, Aug 2013)
php/htmlspecial Messy messy.  (by Bob, Aug 2013)
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